Thursday, May 19, 2005

Maybe my First Sweater

This is the back of Roll Neck Sleeveless Shell! So far, so good!

Cat Bed

So, this is where the dyed mohair ended up. It wouldn't shrink up enough to be a bag, so Bug and Bob suggested that I make a cosy bed for them.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Procrastination anyone?

It’s Monday, after noon, and I’m not in class. You know what that means? I’m done with classes! Never will I go to another law school class (except for the class I have 5 nights a week where I study for the hardest exam of my life, called the Bar, when I fact I will wish I was in a bar). So, I have entered the mentality that I am done with law school, when in fact, I still have SOOO much to do. I have to write some memos about a mock trial, finish the gruesome bar application, which if I don’t finish it, I won’t even have the chance to take the bar exam, I have to pack my apartment up, which includes two full rooms, and let’s not forget about the other 8 million rooms in this way too large house that I have to help my housemates clear out by the end of the month, and I also have to help mom pack up her belongings and then hire the movers to move out of the three storage units into our new house by Wednesday. Yup, you read that right above, it’s Monday, after noon, and what am I doing, besides rejoicing about the fact that I am not in class? I’m sipping some coffee, in my jamies, knitting the ripple shawl and trying to catch up on my reading of Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog. Just goes to show you…even when you aren’t in school, you can still procrastinate. And I thought procrastination was just for students. Boy, was I wrong!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Don’t ask me how the blog got fixed – and it’s not because I’m mean and I’m not telling – but it’s because I don’t know how changing one little number in the template could have rid our blog of the huge white blank space leading to nowhere. I was studying for a commercial law exam that I have tomorrow where I am expected to regurgitate the entire Uniform Commercial Code regarding commercial paper and secured transactions. So, I decided to play with the blog and remove the huge white space that was driving me absolutely nutso! I went into the template tab and would remove a line, then press the “preview” button. You know, the world would be a huge mess if the “preview” button didn’t exist. Once I hit the preview button and didn’t like what I saw, I’d hit the “clear edits” button. Now, the “clear edits” button is the best button in the world, next to the “preview button” of course. After dancing this dance with these buttons, I finally took away the number 1, and voila – the blog’s preview was beauty to my eyes. Then I resumed my studies to bankruptcy, which is where I will be if I don’t get my priorities straight…