Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Someone Stop Me!!!

SO, I was too sick to go to work today (cough, cough, waa, waa) so I went to A.C. Moore to get yarn for the Hallowig (the Lion Suede was too heavy) and on the way back I stopped at Yesterday's Rose
The sale of the day was 75% off clothes. Sweaters are regularly priced at $4, so YOU do the MATH!! The gray one on the right is already in pieces and starting to be rolled. Lookin' at some socks! See the yellow one with the brown cuff? Brand new and homemade!!! No labels, no nothin!

Someone spent a lot of talent
on this sweater. Shall I frog it?


Blogger Samantha said...

If you combined all of the yarn from the sweaters, you could make a great shawl - lots of earth tones, very beautiful.

1:24 PM  

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