Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Robe for a Hat

As graduation comes near, I've been inundated with offers to buy a frame for my diploma, a huge mug with my name on it (the official name of this item escapes me now), graduation announcements and of course, graduation apparel. However, my knitting abilities and passion come through once again, and I make a trade with a wonderful friend (and luckily, a former law student). My friend Annie is lending me her graduation apparel, and in return, I've offered my knitting services to create her a hat. I'm sitting at the drawing board, sending her ideas - what kind of yarn, what color yarn, what style of a hat, etc. So, ideas for a hat - please come my way!!


Blogger Janet said...

What a nice offer!!! So does she want a winter hat, something warm and wolly? Or something more dressy?

11:34 AM  
Blogger Samantha said...

She found some hats at this site, but they are for sale - no patterns.
She likes the 3rd slide down (blond woman in black hat) and 7 slides down (two women - one wearing a green and one wearing a red) check out the red hat. This is sort of the style and fit she was thinking. Now I just have to find the patterns:)

12:01 PM  

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