Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Renew Orleans

With all the news surrounding the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast, I wanted to share a great way to help with the cause. For all of you music lovers, this is a great way to directly impact the struggling musicians who have not only lost their homes but also their livelihood. When Sam and I saw Rebirth Brass Band at the 8x10 on October 13, many fans were sporting a "Renew Orleans" shirt, broadcasting the statement that New Orleans will be rebuilt and faith will be restored. To order a shirt or sticker, you can visit the Renew Orleans site. Also, Tipitina's has plenty of ways to contribute and there are events throughout the country dedicated to this cause. In the coming months, the sensationalism of this tragedy will die down, but we can't forget that the people of New Orleans and the city itself will be struggling for a long time.


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