Friday, August 12, 2005

Law and Order Junkies

I love today. Not just because it’s Friday, which it and of itself is a wonderful day, but because we are going on vay-cay. The first extended vacation in a long time, and definitely the longest vacation since Spring Break. Ahhh, I can only imagine how peaceful my knitting needles and I will be during the next two weeks.

One of my favorites activities occurs on Friday nights at JaKnit and Vade’s home. After lighting the candles, saying the blessings over the wine and bread, we eat a wonderfully homemade Shabbat meal and the best, I mean the best, homemade Challah ever. Afterwards, the wine flows more smoothly, we light up the hookah with “three apple” tobacco, place our knitting projects in our laps, and turn to USA or TNT, whichever is showing a Law and Order episode, any version, that we haven’t yet seen (and sometimes, we even watch the episodes we haven’t seen). Someone out there needs to create a national holiday for Law and Order knitters. While reading an article sent to me by Baba Beer, the last line made my jaw drop, and I realized that we’re not the only ones who knit while watching Law and Order. I couldn’t believe it, we’re not alone, there are others like us, we’re not so different, we’re not so strange, we’re not the only ones who stay up late watching an episode, and finishing a row, despite the fact the alarm will ring at 6 am. This was a very comforting thought.


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