Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I miss my knitting!

I don't know if anyone else is finding oodles of time for their knitting, but I have not... and I'm not happy about it :-(
I was teaching summer school from June-August and I managed to get some work done on some projects that I had already started. Like, the baby blanket that I was going to give to Brenda... her baby is like 9 months old now, and I'm not even halfway through it! I guess I'll have to give it to the next preggers, whoever that may be.
I desperately want to knit more socks. I want to knit lots and lots of socks!
Hopefully, I will get more done once Grey's Anatomy starts back up.
How do you all find the time to fit knitting into your busy schedules?
I need ideas cause I miss my knitting :-(


Blogger Samantha said...

There are a few ways I make sure to keep knitting:
1) Always bring a little project in your purse. I can't tell you how many times I pull out my knitting when I am waiting in line somewhere and I am so glad just to get a few rows accomplished.
2) This may sound weird and unsafe, but I try to keep a knitting project in my car. When I pick Noah up from school when it's raining, or when he's exhausted, I don't mind if he keeps me waiting in the car, cause I can just pick up my knitting and give him as much time as he needs. Or when I'm waiting in line at the bank - a great time to have knitting in the car.
3) Whenever I watch TV, unless I am cleaning the room that I am watching TV, cause I am OCD like that, I try to knit. This way, I don't feel too bad about watching TV and killing my brain cells, cause I am just replenishing them with my knitting.
4) At work this past summer, I always knit on my lunch break. We would all gather in this big room, and after spending only 10-15 minutes eating, I'd have oodles of time to sit around chatting with my co-workers, so why not knit while I'm at it.
5) I can't knit in the car, cause I get car-sick, but whenever Vade drives us places, I always see JaKnit knitting away. She actually gets a lot accomplished on long car trips.

Okay, there's 5 to start off with. Let me know how they work for you!

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