Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Beautiful Vintage Patterns and Some Power Walking and Knitting

A Good Yarn has beautiful vintage patterns. I could see Natalie knitting one of these sweaters some day.

So, this past weekend, Noah and I went up to Aunt and Uncle's house to get our treadmill that's been hanging out in their basement ever since we moved out of my childhood home. I really wanted it, since lately I've been catching up with lots of friends over dinner. By the time I get home, I'm just too pooped to be running to the gym (even if it is only one tenth of a mile away and I can actually see the gym from my neighborhood). We got the treadmill on Sunday, and after very little effort, it is now very nicely positioned in front of the teley. Then, last night, after sitting on my tush for 2 hours knitting the pretty purple scarf for Ms. Michelle, I came up with a brilliant idea.

Okay, it wasn't my idea so I'll give credit where credit is due. I read about the whole walking while knitting thing on someone else's blog a while ago (can't remember what blog), but it's been too cold to be traipsing about outside on the Howard County paths while knitting. So, last night, I went downstairs, turned on an episode of Friends, and got on the treadmill and power walked while knitting, watching some TV, exactly what I was doing upstairs, but without the walking of course. Okay, y'all are thinking I'm nuts but it wasn't hard at all! I walked for over 30 minutes, at a decently fast pace, and made some progress on Michelle's scarf. Michelle's scarf only requires stockinette stitch, so there was no need to refer to a pattern. I can't imagine knitting a sock or following any sort of pattern while on the treadmill - I'm not that good and THAT would definitely be dangerous. But I can imagine having a treadmill project, a project easy enough to work on while walking on treadmill and most likely to be given as a birthday gift, probably YAS (yet another scarf). So, ya'll think I'm nuts but just wait and see - I'll be 10 scarves along and 10 pounds lighter.


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I love the "Woman's Leggings"!!!

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