Wednesday, September 27, 2006

News Headline: Knitting Group Watches Grey's Anatomy

So, I've been on a quest since I've moved to Charlottesville to meet new people. Noah has the luxury of being in an academic environment so he can meet people much easier than I can. I work in an office with 6 other people. Therefore, my options have been limited. However, I have become chummy with some people from Noah's program and I will be hosting the first meeting of knitters who watch Grey's!

So, here are the details:

This Thursday, let's knit. At my house.

Knitting� 7:30

Grey's Anatomy is on at 9:00. ER is on at 10:00

You, as an individual, can stay and practicing knitting without looking since your eyes will be glued to the screen.
Or you can go off into the night if TV is not your thing.

It's the best of so many worlds. I'm lucky because I get to meet people and become more friendly with them, while knitting and while I watch Grey's Anatomy. I was going to watch Grey's anyways so might as well do it while knitting with new friends.

There's only one rule: No talking during the show!


Anonymous JaKnit said...

OOOOHHHH... I wish I could be there!!!

8:36 PM  

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