Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Capelet Complete...But Too Small

I finished the red capelet last night, but I think it's too small. I would rip it out and make it bigger, if only I knew how. Maybe if I block the heck out of it, it will stretch a little. It's not that it's too tight, it just looks really tiny on me. Okay, is that a contradiction or what??

In other knitting news, I went to my LYS looking for a thicker bright pink mohair yarn for the drop stitch scarf that I had begun. I was surprised because instead of trying to sell me another yarn, they gave me the great suggestions of just doubling the pink mohair I already had, assuring me that I had tons of yardage to last through the scarf. When I store doesn't attempt to make you buy more but to make do with what you've got, the store definitely gets my respect. Here's how the scarf is looking, now that I've doubled the mohair:

Got to get back to work, but I'll post a few more pics later of some Australian presents. What is everyone else working on?


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