Friday, March 24, 2006

Finally, with Pictures!

Posted by PicasaThis is the bag I just finished last night, pre-felted. Here is a picture of what the bag will hopefully look like once I've felted it. The seam I used to connect the body of the bag to the bottom was a single crochet seam, which is so much easier than using the blunt needle. It's a great seam to use, especially when felting, because you can tell where the body of the bag ends and the botton of the bag begins.

This is a close up of the bag. I used Rose Garden Landscapes by Lion Brand and Daffodil Wool of the Andes. I can't wait to felt this puppy. Just need to find a pair of jeans that need washing.

Here is what's left of the two skeins that I used for the Emma Clutch Bag. I got two balls of Black Essential Sock Yarn and two balls each of the multi-colored striped yarn. The green one is Parade Sock Yarn and the orange one is Simple Stripes Sock Yarn. I've been searching for a sock pattern that has more texture, such as ribbing or ripples, but will do well with self-striping yarn. Anyone come across such a pattern?

This is the yarn that I bought from The Celtic Knot last week with Maire. There was a display scarf that used the ribbon (shown in the middle) coupled with a mohair yarn. However, my scarf isn't turning out the way it looked in the store. I think that the mohair that I'm using is way too thin for a drop-stitch scarf. I'm either going to buy another ball of the mohair to make the scarf thicker or I'm going to buy a ball of thicker mohair. Haven't decided yet. Another option is to block the scarf and maybe it will look better, but I'm afraid there still isn't enough substance, you know what I mean? The way it is now, it's too drafty. There's no way that scarf would keep my neck cozy. I know it's not a wool scarf, but I need a little warmth, right?


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