Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Too Many Favorite Moments

Is the Fall tv show lineup beginning anytime soon, because after last night’s season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, I’m not sure I can wait the whole damn summer. Words cannot express how good last night’s finale was. So many great story lines, Izzy and Denny, Christina and Burke, Meredith and Derek and Vet McDreamy, Callie and George, the list could go on. I have so many favorite moments, but the one that tops my list is when Alex, who I usually consider such an ass, picked up Izzy from Denny’s bed and held her in his arms, kissing her and rocking her. That was such a powerful moment; tears were running down my face. I just can’t get over how good this show is, I mean, really people.

So, we’re taking a poll as to who Meredith will pick. Right now, my vote brings the poll to 1 for Finn and 0 for Derek. Anyone want to chime in with a vote?

While watching the finale, I returned to the Very Easy Ripple Shawl that I’m making for my co-worker Brenda. Still on the 2nd to last skein of yarn, but it’s coming along well. It would be done by now if I hadn’t gotten sidetracked knitting these for Noah, but I needed a little distraction considering I’ve knitted this shawl before. The shawl is at work with me now because I am determined to finish this thing before June. That is my goal and I’m stickin’ to it. Oh, and I am no longer making promises about posting pictures, because as we can see from this pictureless post, I am not fulfilling any of these promises. So, y’all will just have to remain in suspense. But, I do hope I can get my tush in gear and get some up here.


Anonymous JaKnit said...

She will stick with Finn! The show would lose too much tension if Meredith and Derek get together. Anyhow, when does the season start again?

11:09 PM  
Blogger Ms. Farrell said...

Can I put in my vote for Derek? Vet McDreamy is just a phase. Dr. McDreamy (aka, derek shepherd) is true love :-)

12:09 AM  
Blogger Samantha said...

Not sure when the show starts up again, but I just read that it's switching from Sunday nights to Thursday nights at 9.

9:45 AM  

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