Thursday, May 18, 2006

My So Called Scarf

While watching Law and Order last night in amazement as Assistant District Attorney Alexandra was killed off, I was knitting this:
This is the latest result of my planning efforts. My So Called Scarf is knit with Manos Del Uruguay, in color 113, Wildflowers. This yarn is much too expensive for my budget but it was my one splurge, at least in a while, and I just couldn't get over how colorful the yarn is. It's not so much vibrant as it is "soulful" if you know what I mean. The colors don't bling or anything, they are subtle but different. And I love that the yarn is different widths, which makes any pattern that much more interesting. The main thing I love about this pattern is that it makes "Xs" and NOT resembling anything close to a stockinette stitch. The pattern is just a repeat of two rows, making it VERY easy. This is a great pattern to use for scarf, even if you don't have exciting yarn. A good stash buster if you will. I haven't decided whether I'm going to gift this scarf or keep it in my stash. Lord knows I have way too many scarves, but one more isn't going to hurt anyone...maybe just my coat closet.


Blogger Ms. Farrell said...

I love that pattern! Is it the same front and back? Can you send it to me?

4:32 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

The back of this scarf looks more like rows of purl stitches. I'll take a picture tonight (hopefully).

4:52 PM  

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