Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Wearable Garment!

OK, I should be packing for the trip to Israel, but I have to get the photos off my camera card. SO....here's the Rolled Neck Sleeveless Shell on MY BOD!!! If fits!

You can't see how bad the neck is wherer I picked up stiches.... OK, it's my FIRST!!!

Bug Likes the Booga Bed!

This makes me SO happy! she likes to get in at night and there she IS in the morning!

Could anything be sweeter?

To Be Frogged

This is really a magnificent sweater, one that I would never be able to make in my lifetime. But, it was $5 at a church rummage sale and no one is going to buy it to wear. It's an amazing amount of 100% wool and smells like a sheep... mmmmmm.... baaaaaahhhh!

Even the buttons are cool... maybe it will be a Booga Bag and I'll put the buttons back on!