Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fit to be Tied!!

Bryce's tie came out great! It knotted well and the length was good. And here is the tie at it's desk:

It seems to me that Prepschool is born knowing that there is work to be done and no time to waste. It got Bryce on task and productive through the afternoon ( or at least for the photo).

Prepschool was also looking forward to playing Bryce's Traffic Game.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Itchy but Pretty

One Saturday, not too long ago, Noah and I were walking along the downtown mall, and being the amazing man that he is, wanted to buy me some new yarn. In the spirit of being frugal, I haven't bought any yarn in a long long while, so this was such a wonderful present. I knew what I wanted to make, having seen JaKnit's suggestion of the Cowl. So, I found this beauty at the LYS:

That evening I immediately went to work, and just recently finished the Beech Wood:

I think this yarn is very beautiful and very natural-looking, but I wasn't thinking when I picked it out for this particular project, because it's also itchy on my bare skin. Therefore, I plan on wearing this when I'm already wearing a turtleneck. One thing's for sure - it will keep me warm!

I am also working on this little number, the Reversible Cable Scarf:

This is for my co-worker and friend, Jackie. She saw it one day at work and one thing led to another and I asked her if she would like for me to make her anything. She made eyes at the scarf in my hand and that was that. I think it suits her well, and I know for sure she will appreciate it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Keyboard Knitting

I'm knitting like a maniac - at home, in bed AND at work...

This is going to be a tie for Bryce, my secret Santa Pal. But I have to finish this thing by December 21!!!

It is now 10" and will need to be 56"

So I will be knitting like a maniac some more this weekend!

The pattern is PREPSCHOOL Easier than socks, but alot longer!!! I will make sure to get a pic with it around Bryce's neck!

Men Knit

I saw this on the internets, but can't hear cause this computer has no speakers - so hopefully it's funny!