Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My So Called Scarf Revisited

I wanted to show you what the back of My So Called Scarf looks like, since it’s very different from the front (right side). The back side looks like repeating rows of purl stitches.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I wasn't going for artistic genius with this one.

I haven’t played with the pattern enough to see if there is a way to knit the scarf so that the front looks identical to the back, but nevertheless, it’s still a great pattern.

Also, if you were planning on using Manos del Uruguay for the scarf or for any project for that matter, you should know that no two skeins are alike. When I picked up two skeins, color 113 Wildflowers, they looked like they were in two different dye lots. I can’t recall whether this type of yarn has distinct dye lots or not. Regardless, just make sure that you choose skeins that resemble each other. The owner at my LYS was telling me that she made a shawl using this type of yarn, and when she was finished with the shawl, there was a distinct line where the first skein had ended and the second began. Moral of the story: Be picky about which skeins you buy.


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